About us

Therapy for QPoC is a psychology private practice based in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out the QPoC Directory to connect with affirming services. Additionally, we provide psychotherapy, dynamic presentations, educational training, and a broad scope of culturally sensitive trauma-informed psychological evaluations.


About Dr. Monica


Therapy for QPoC was founded in 2016 by Monica Lyn Thompson, PsyD. Dr. Monica is a licensed clinical psychologist and licensed professional counselor in the state of Georgia. She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2015 and completed an APA internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, where she worked with incarcerated men and women struggling with a broad range of mental illness.

After graduation, she continued to provide mental health treatment in corrections and the Veteran’s Health Administration. Her early clinical experiences were with survivors of sexual violence and throughout her career, she remains passionate about treating trauma and PTSD. Nationally, she is trained in the following evidence-based therapies: cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive processing therapy, and cognitive-behavioral couples therapy. As a queer cisgender, woman of color, she is a passionate educator dedicated to viewing mental wellness from an anti-oppressive lens.

In her free time, she enjoys reading fiction, basking in the local arts scene, and traveling around the world.

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